uav industrial services

Terranova UAV is proud to announce the expansion of our service portfolio. Our team formed by engineers and project managers with more than 20 years of experience in manufacturing, resources and construction industries, harness the advantages of UAV technology to improve your safety standards, productivity and reduce costs. Contact us now for a free consultation.


Industrial & Pipeline Inspections

Avoid work in heights, inaccessible areas and hazardous environments by employing safe, state of the art drones that will achieve your goals while eliminating safety risks. This is the first layer of protection when performing risk assessments. Ideal for HSE managers, engineers, project managers and operations staff.


Stockpile Analysis

Fast and precise stockpile analysis is now possible thanks to 3d modelling based on orthomosaic generation techniques. Coal, cement, potash and multiple other stockpiled products can be analyzed with our technology. Logistics, planning and operations departments will see an immediate benefit from working with Terranova UAV.


Construction Projects

Save big on studies, replace traditional topography with detailed aerial topography. Overlay the BIM model of a project on real-life construction to assess progress. Create a real life, 3d model of your recently completed project. Several other applications are possible. Let us know what your requirement is, we will craft a solution to bring value to your project.